Hill Climbs & Sprints

Hill Climbs and Sprints are two similar branches of motor sport. Each event takes place on a smooth sealed surface over a measured distance against the clock. The only general difference is that generally sprints take place on flat venues such as airfields whereby Hill Climbs, as the title suggests occur on hill courses of varying gradiants.

Cars start separately, although there may be up to three cars on the course at any one time. A wide variety of cars compete, from single-seaters to standard production saloons, divided into classes by types and engine capacity.

Venues range from disused airfields to permanent racing circuits, and from picturesque private estates to seaside promenades.

Minimum Requirements
An MSUK Competition Licence.
You must be at least 16 years old.
Please refer to the current MSUK Competitors’ and Officials’ Yearbook for current Safety Equipment specifications

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