Sustainable Motorsport in the South West – BDCC Charter

The Bournemouth and District Car Club can trace roots back to 1932 and now, in 2024, one aspect of the club’s future and that of ICE (internal combustion engine) motorsport in general is very clear – action on sustainability and environmental harm mitigation is critically important.

Grass roots motorsport is part of the fabric of the UK with numerous innovative racing teams, marques and world-famous competitors resulting from our tradition. A tireless army of volunteers ensure heritage is not lost with Motorsport UK continually seeking to improve support for local clubs up and down the UK in future, promoting the lifeblood of our sport. The advent of non-ICE cars and alternative ICE fueling (e.g. synthetic fuels) is something to be embraced inline with our commitment to continue reducing carbon emissions for BDCC club events in 2024 and beyond.

Bournemouth & District Car Club is committed to the protection of the environment by supporting the use of synthetic fuel as a viable route forward for ICE motorsport. We undertake assessment monthly at committee on the environmental impact of our club motorsport events and thereby input on the overall sustainability of motorsport in the UK. We operate a Sustainability System with a named committee Sustainability Officer. Our current sustainability commitments include:

  • BDCC Sustainability Officer

  • Autotest Electric Production Car Class (2WD only) with FREE entry for all competing electric 2WD vehicles at the annual Summer Breeze Slalom.

  • App-based event operations reduced BDCC paper waste by 85%.

  • Motorsport Sustainability as monthly committee agenda item.

  • CO2 and Climate Change: in 2024 the BDCC will invest in a British tree planting scheme to offset carbon towards a future net-zero goal.

  • Waste: We make every effort to eliminate or reduce waste from all events. Our club members avoid printing unnecessarily and ensure that any waste is taken home. We remind all BDCC club members at each event to not leave anything at the venue or en-route and to recycle where they can.

  • Noise: Motorsport UK legal noise levels are required at all times, unless specified elsewhere. Vehicles found to be excessively noisy will be asked to rectify before entering and leaving events, whenever on the public road and in sensitive areas.

  • Land and water protection: BDCC actively protects all event sites and routes from intentional environmental damage.

  • Refuelling is avoided wherever possible on site and if strictly necessary to compete, then extreme care is taken with any spillage of any quantity of any hazardous liquid occurs reported immediately to Bournemouth & District Car Club, and use a spill kit quickly. All our competitors must use ground sheets at BDCC events.

  • Environmental awareness: Bournemouth & District Car Club promotes environmental sustainability as widely as possible, to members, associated organisations in Motorsport and to the public. We encourage you to spread the word about what we are doing and the importance of motorsport meeting the challenge of Climate Change.

If you have questions about our Sustainability Charter or would like to get involved competing or organising then contact

Best wishes,

Bournemouth & District Car Club Committee.